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Line Technics Co., Ltd. always try to do our best with the best technology.

World-class product development with the best quality and skill,

We are practicing quality first.

Vision 2025 We will do our best with the goal of becoming a world-class company.


Korea's best company through self-established technology since its establishment in 1993.

Line Technics has been at the forefront of this field since its establishment in 1993 and based on the corporate spirit of THINK We are a company of challenge and commitment to always develop new technologies with a thorough mental attitude to think once more. Line Technics, which has been consistent with the accumulated know-how, high technology, and diligent attitude, has presented a new vision of the 21st century for communication between human and machine under the slogan Vision 25. In addition, we will endeavor to include warmth and creative spirit in our products with the value of a new start called Tech + art.

Line Technics Co., Ltd.

January 1993

Ye Tae Hwan


86 Emtibeui 22-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do

IT  -  In/Out Door Cabinet for Telecom Eq.

        KIOSK Enclosure

Ind. Electricity   -  SCADA Enclosure

                         DCS Enclosure

                         Control Console

                         Semicon. Mfgr. Eq.

                         ESS, EV Eq. Enclosure

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